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Is PHP 7.4 end-of-life?

Is PHP 7.4 end-of-life?

Is PHP 7.4 end-of-life?

Going from PHP version 5.6 to PHP version 7.4 was a significant move, and buys XYZ Company a little more time (PHP version 7.4 is supported until November 28, 2022, according to the official PHP support grid.) Moving directly to version 8.0 (which is supported until November 2023) would have bought it even more time, but it would have been a more difficult move, since a lot more moving parts could fail.

7.4 does flag a number of things with warnings. It tries to improve the quality of developer’s code by flagging some warnings. The things that 7.4 gives you a warning about, 8 might consider an actual error. So 7.4 is a great stepping stone to go to 8. If you can get 7.4 running cleanly, with nothing in the PHP error log, you’re in great shape to go to 8.”

Not all is wonderful, but, if everything goes as planned, XYS Company will make the move to PHP version 8.0 next year. That will follow the upgrade from a Power7 system to a Power9 that occurred in August of 2022 (This means since PHP is only improving over time, regular apps are just flying now and load times are incredibly faster.

So, now might be a good time to look under your website’s hood and determine what is currently stable and what will soon be a failing…4Eightyeast is here to assure and create an ongoing maintenance agreement so you will never have to worry about PHP upgrades and the issues that they could bring to your site.

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